My Budding Artist

A gallery of selected works from my daughter, starting at age 3 and a half (and now almost 6). With an occasional guest appearance from her younger brother (now 4).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Carnage of Spring

Created April 2009, by Avery

A bird eating worms has never been captured so horrifically before in history...


The Amazing Catinni

Created February 2009, by Avery

Employed by a circus sideshow, the Amazing Catinni shows off his amazing sword swallowing skills to the amazement of the crowds!

Be careful Catinni! That sword looks sharp, and it may not come out as easily as it went in!

The Righteous Jealousy of the DS

Created April 2009, by Avery

Avery has a Nintendo DS. The duck doesn't. But the duck dreams of having one someday.


Strawberry King Trifecta

Created March 11, 2009 by Avery and Ethan

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Iron Chef - Pokeball Battle

Created April 2009, by Avery


Mixed Media

Created April 2009 by Ethan

Exciting uses of different materials here. To the right, is construction paper forming an abstract design of an Easter egg.

To the left, the oranges are composed of what we would call "the stuff that the dog leaves on the carpet after hacking up it's bile in the middle of the night."

mmmm .... Pancakes

Created February 2009, by Avery

With strawberry jam, even!


Created April 2009, by Avery

not to be outdone by the younger Budding Artist, Avery draws her own Pokemon. This is Piplup.


Created March 29, 2009, by Ethan


Created April 15, 2009 by Ethan

Ethan has pretty much started to drawing Pokemon related items a lot. In case you are wondering, this is a Sudowoodo Pokemon.

From the Pokemon Ultimate Handbook:

Despite its stalwart wooden appearance, Sudowoodo is more closely related to rocks and stones than trees - which would explain why it seems to disappear when it rains.

Super Duper Mario World

Created April 18, 2009 buy Avery