My Budding Artist

A gallery of selected works from my daughter, starting at age 3 and a half (and now almost 6). With an occasional guest appearance from her younger brother (now 4).

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Guest Art

Created March 27th, 2007

Artwork by The Other Budding Artist. Note how well he is capturing "the fever" present in the squiggles, much like early works of Avery.

Created March 24th, 2007

In an brazen attempt at developing mapping software, was a most likely ahead of it's time by using Native American-like metaphors instead of clearly marked roads and street names.

In this example, the way to get to grandma's house from ours is "past the hawkhead lady", towards the "upright strawberry", followed closely by "the forbidden mushroom." The last symbolism before making a right turn around the "black hole of despair" appears to be the magical "toaster on fire" from rare, ancient Navajo texts.

I Have No Head, Yet I Can Scream

Created April 4th, 2007

An odd amalagam of shapes (both square and round eyes) and animals (body of a Turtle, feet of a chicken) fortells of the complex nature of society in the future, encompassing both the sterility of the electronic age, and conversely, the ability to peck at the ground for scraps of food.

Corporate Logo

Created April 11th, 2007

It's not often that a starving Budding Artist gets the opportunity to work their artistic magic on re-defining a corporate logo. Here, ABD Insurance Services asked for a new fresh approach to their usual stodgy feel. Let's face it, insurance is boring; this logo definitely lightens things up.

Artist At Work

Created April 14th, 2007

It's not often that the Budding Artist gets a chance to do something self-referential, but with the help of a Hello Kitty! coloring book, all sorts of new approaches can occur!

Here we have a drawing OF ANOTHER DRAWING of...bugs, I guess.

But they are cute! It says so right on the picture frame!

New Moon at Midnight

Created April 10th, 2007

Hippie Bird Wave

Creation Date, Unknown

It's a bird, it's a wave. And he has a goatee.

We Come in Peace...And in Shells!

Created March 19th, 2007

Obviously inspired by the 1960's Japanese movie creation, Gamera.

SEE!! Note the similarities!!! Of course Gamera turned out to be "Defender of the Children" or something like that. I guess you can read about it here.

Gamera even flies in the movies by squirting out fire from his arm and leg holes! Just like the picture above!