My Budding Artist

A gallery of selected works from my daughter, starting at age 3 and a half (and now almost 6). With an occasional guest appearance from her younger brother (now 4).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Keep In

Created September 2008, by Avery

The Mighty Toucan

Created September 2008, by Avery

I Love Horses

Created September 2008, by Avery

Horses are fun to ride, especially if they are a bit pudgy.

Pity the Worm!

Created September 2008, by Avery

Rock Wall

Created September 2008, by Avery

So, in the case of a full week of earning "Green Apples" for good behavior at kindergarten, Avery gets to go rock climbing.

The arrows indicate how high she climbed on her first day.

The Void

Created Summer 2008, By Ethan

The wrath of hell is no match for the wrath of a 3 year old denied his favorite DVD.

Tha Fanciful Fancy of Flight - A Graphic Novel

Created Summer 2008, by Avery

And so, we have another exciting book entry here, with an exciting tale to tell....

Our hero sleeps, and dreams, to fly above the clouds.

But upon awakening, our hero is tortured to find herself back being earth-bound. And apparently, without coffee.

All is well after the first sips of coffee. But still, our hero looks up, and continues to dream "Someday, I will be free as a bird, now. And this bird will never change.." she says to her half emptied cup of mojo, with spoonfuls of sugar and 1 twist of cream.

Experimentation with tossing her little brother into the air prove fruitless.

But then, a plan is enacted. "What if," she decides, "what if, there was something she could build?" Furiously, great designs are drawn, tossed away, and redrawn again. Hours become days, days become weeks, shuttered in her lab. The madness drives her to the edge of insanity! But then, when all is lost, she bursts through the door. SHE HAS SOLVED IT!!! Or has she?

A lingering question remains: Will it possibly work?

Success! The magic skateboard works!

It truly, most definitely, is even better than the dream.