My Budding Artist

A gallery of selected works from my daughter, starting at age 3 and a half (and now almost 6). With an occasional guest appearance from her younger brother (now 4).

Monday, June 30, 2008

Dolphin Dance

Created June, 2008

Dolphins dance in the key of D.

The Predator and the Prey

Created May, 2008

The red-crested bald eagle dives for his prey, the yellow, um, err, guy. Sensing an attack from above, the yellow guy plays dead in the hopes that the red-crested bald eagle prefers fresh meat.


Created May, 2008

Two Worms

Created May13, 2008

As a compliment to the "One Snake"picture, we now have "Two Worms." What non-limbed creature will come next in a set of three?

From Beyond

Created May, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Created May, 2008

Of course, depending on how you view the "dream bubbles," this drawing could be interpreted as "Leaky Beauty."

One Snake

Created May, 2008

March of the Ladybugs

Created May 2008

A New Dog

Created May 11, 2008

Alternatively titled, "Daddy's Worst Nightmare." And no, there is no new dog. Just a wish list apparently.

Of course, if the Budding Artist takes care of a dog as well as she takes care of her fish, the new dog would not be around for very long.

No Boys Allowed

Created May, 2008