My Budding Artist

A gallery of selected works from my daughter, starting at age 3 and a half (and now almost 6). With an occasional guest appearance from her younger brother (now 4).

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Finger Paint Series

Created Mid-July, 2007

A new medium is discovered!! Finger paints at school. Apparently The Budding Artist is the only one in class who adds details to her drawings and painting, such as faces. Most are just mushy masses or mixed -olored brownness.

Daddy I U Love

Created Mid-July, 2007

While I'm sure this a sweet love letter to yours truly, I suppose it could be (but hope not) interpreted as:

"Daddy, I love the black stuff that comes out the butt of insects."

Hot Air Disaster

Created July 21, 2007

Yes, including numerous smaller helium-filled balloons inside a hot air balloon is not recommended as a last-ditch safety device.

Especially when the basket itself is engulfed in flame.

Sea Monster #3

Created July 21. 2007

From the series, Sea Monsters.

The Flying Wallendas

Created Early July, 2007

For the cameras of Fox TV's Guinness Records Primetime, the Wallendas assembled an 8-Person, 3-Level Pyramid. To secure their record, they added 2 more family members to form the first and only 10-Person Pyramid."

Here we have the recreation of an earlier, 5-Person-and-a-Single-Head Pyramid.

Sea Monster #2

Created Mid-July, 2007

From the series, Sea Monsters.

Bugs the World Over

Created end of June 2007

Elephant Man

Created July 16, 2007

He is, after all, a human being. Note the mocking happiness of correct-proportion-face. Giggling inside at the wracked shell of a distorted human Joseph Merrick as become.

Bonnet of Horror

Created July 16, 2007

Nothing like swinging on a summer day in the backyard. With a horrible mutant insect monster thingy on your head.

iPod Bug

Created July 10, 2007

Even the local ladybugs have MP3 players now.

And no, this isn't a mirror image. For some reason Avery wrote her name backwards. Redrum, anyone?

Another Self-Portrait

Created July 4, 2007

Sea Monster #1

Created July 4, 2007

From the Sea Monster series.

Ants on the Slide

Created July 5, 2007