My Budding Artist

A gallery of selected works from my daughter, starting at age 3 and a half (and now almost 6). With an occasional guest appearance from her younger brother (now 4).

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Despair II

Created Mid-December, 2006

Just what is this sad-sack character walking away from? hopefully he'll find his peace in the better pastures he is looking for.

Despair I

Created December 13, 2006

Pokemon-Type Critters

Created December 13, 2006

Here's a series of strange little animals and/or insects. The top appears to be a rather large chick attacking the letter A; the middle appears to be a ladybug nursing some baby lady bugs (which is, I believe, something that does not happen in nature); and the third, a freak of nuclear pollution, is a four-eyed bird of some sort. Eat your heart out, Blinky!

Friday, January 26, 2007

One Hip Balloon

Created December 13, 2006

One of the happiest known balloons to man, this subject is also way too hip for most people; note the goatee. Nothing spells "hip" like a balloon that can grow a goatee. And probably is from Seattle.

Oh Lord, It's Full of D's

Created December 18, 2006

Note the comment from the Budding Artist's Mommy at the bottom of the picture, recalling the penultimate moment of "2001: A Space Odyssey."

A Family Portrait

Created Mid-December 2006

Note that in addition to Mommy, Daddy, Avery, and Ethan, the two dogs are also in this intimate portrait.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Other Mediums

Photos taken January 8, 2007.

Here, we see the Budding Artist hard ata work experimenting in other mediums. Well, actually, she was experimenting on Magna-doodles well before we ever let her loose with crayons, and later markers. But you get the point.

Drawing family members is a big thing now. The bald, no-armed person in the drawing is a self-portrait of Avery. The, uh, bird, is her 20-month old brother, Ethan (the other Budding Artist). However, I should let you know that Ethan does NOT look like a Furby with a bad toupee.

But he does occasionally sound like one when he laughs.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Created December 3, 2006

I was rather taken aback by the response when I asked the Budding Artist what this was. Could it be the mythical Cyclops? The terrible Medusa?

"It's me!" was her reply.

I don't think it does her justice, frankly.

Blue Island

Created December 1, 2006

A lone figure stands amongst the waves. Has he been imprisoned to his doom, or is his exile self-imposed?

Water and Island

Created December 1, 2006

Just continuing the nautical theme...

Dragon Whale Tale

Created December 1, 2006

As named by the artist herself.

I think it looks like a bat. On drugs. Lots of drugs.

The Dragon From the Deep

Created November 24, 2006

The green sea monsters attacks, enraged by the trespassing of the vessels above encroaching on his seas.

He grabs into his mighty jaws...something...and tears it apart into a useless green glob.

It's next victims? Those angry red circles within the borders of a rather exagerated Italy.

Diving Bunny is Green

Created November 28, 2006

A Splash of Blue

Created November 24, 2006

Number two is a series of expressive marker techniques.

A Splash of Red

Created November 24, 2006

Number 1 in a series of expressive marker techniques.

Lionfish, Lost and Confused

Created October 6, 2006.

Roping the Buffalo

Created October 6, 2006

With a mighty jump, a single giant flea can capture a rampaging buffalo.

If they also have a lacrosse racket tied to the rope.